The Elderly/Homebound Ministry provides a social connection to individuals who would benefit from a visit from a fellow parishioner. This ministry, through volunteer effort, visits residences, nursing facilities and other home situations of parish members. Reasons for visits range from providing spiritual support to a friendly visit to someone who just wants to make a new friend. The goal is to offer parishioners an encounter with other parishioners to experience God’s goodness through the kindness of others.

What is the Scope of the Ministry?

Through home visits, reassuring phone calls and sending cards or letters on a regular basis, our ministers will engage the elderly/homebound person through conversation and social support. Volunteers who are Eucharistic Ministers can deliver the Holy Eucharist to those who ask, and training is offered to our ministers.

Our intent is to visit those in Nursing Homes as well as those restricted to their own homes. Homebound includes those parishioners who cannot easily get out of their homes due to temporary or chronic illness. You do not need to have a special need to ask for a visitor. We encourage parishioners who would just like to make a new friend at church to ask for a volunteer from this ministry.

How Do I Ask for a Visitor from Church?

An Intake Form can be requested and submitted to the Parish Office. Mrs Patricia Metz (or her designee) will complete the first home visit for those who wish to participate in our ministryís service. After her initial assessment of the personís needs, she will make referral to one of our ministry volunteers.

What Do I Need to Do to Volunteer for This Ministry?

The Elderly/Homebound Ministry is always looking for individuals interested in volunteering. To volunteer, please contact one of the Co-chairs (listed below), call the Parish Office, or check the bulletin for contact information.

What Training Does the Church Offer to this Ministry’s Volunteers?

Formal training will be given to all ministry volunteers. Besides the training, each volunteer must complete an informal interview with a member of the Pastoral Staff to ensure an understanding of what is entailed as well as a background screening required of all volunteers who have contact with individuals of the parish.

How Does the Church “Match” up Ministers to Parish Members?

Each parishioner requesting a visit from a minister will be matched with a minister who has similar hobbies, likes, personalities, etc. to ensure the pairing will result in a meaningful and mutual pairing.

For more information about the Elderly/Homebound Ministry, please contact:

David Seitz at 248-651-7486 or