“Blessed are those who weep and mourn for they shall be comforted”


The Bereavement Ministry will serve families who have lost a loved one to death through St. Andrew Parish. The members of the ministry are trained to successfully implement our mission to give comfort and support to the grieving families of the St. Andrew community by giving them our time, hearing their thoughts and sharing their tears.

What is the Scope of the Ministry?

The members of the ministry personally reach out to grieving families with comfort and support through:
Visiting the funeral home
Attending the funeral
“Songs of Life” Choir
Sending cards and notes
Personal visits if requested
Contact during the holidays
Offering additional resources if requested.
“Grief is the other side of the coin of love” (Rabbi Earl Grollman)
Simply stated, grief happens because we love; because we care.
Grief is the normal, natural, necessary response to a significant loss.
The more significant the loss, the more acute the grief response.
Grief represents a set of behaviors and feelings that are normal reactions to major loss and change.
Please contact us if we can offer love, comfort and support to your family!
What Do I Need to do to Volunteer for this Ministry?
The St. Andrew Bereavement Ministry invites you to offer your time and talent to reach out to parish members and area church. The ministry offers you the opportunity to grow spiritually by showing your love and compassion. Training provided.


Chairman: Betsy Koerber  248.817.2992

Co-Chair: Bernadette Gladden  248.652.7787