St Andrew Parish Blessed Mother Shrine Dedicated – August 15, 1998 We hope that this Shrine is a special gift to children. As we sought the design for our Shrine, it was important that children be represented in it. We hope that this symbol will assist our children of today and tomorrow to come to Jesus through Mary, His mother and ours. Individually, and as a Community, we will be enriched and our faith strengthened by the presence of this reminder of our devotion to our Divine Savior and His Blessed Mother. Thank you to all who have helped make it possible. We want to thank the numerous parishioners of St. Andrew Community who were responsible for making this Shrine possible. Virtually the entire cost of the Shrine, and its setting, were provided by special donations of members of St. Andrew Parish. This is a wonderful tribute to our affection and esteem for our Blessed Mother. It will also be a wonderful gift to parishioners, and passers by, for years to come who seek and find consolation and inspiration here.