Dedicated March 28, 1999 Designed and constructed under the direction of Anthony Bellomo, of The Black Forest Building Company. Our original Baptismal Font was not situated so as to allow the community present to see what was taking place, nor to establish the importance of Baptism in the Church as proclaimed by Vatican II. The new Font, dedicated on March 28, 1999, has an upper and lower font for the baptizing of infants and adults respectively. The font for the infants is of a height such that it is convenient for holding a child over the font or into the font depending on the method of baptism selected by the parents. This being a fountain (fontis in Latin) the upper font flows into the lower basin, the latter being recessed into the ground There are steps leading down into the font on one side and up and out of the Font on the other side. The font is oriented in such a way that the candidate for baptism enters the water of life from the congregation’s side and emerges from the font walking toward the altar. The Font is also cruciform since the act of baptism is through our joining in the dying and rising of Christ. In immersion we enter the tomb as the water surrounds us, and we are completely washed in the death of Jesus and cleansed of our sins. We arise then to new life which is clearly signified in the deep breaths we naturally take when coming up from the water. The placement and design of our new Font is a statement of the important place that Baptism itself has in our life as a Faith Community.