Welcoming Your Children

Our Preschool and Kindergarten programs are designed to provide young children with a warm and welcoming religious education experience. Everyday themes such as family, friends and sharing are introduced to help children relate their own experiences to faith formation, and to view faith as a part of their everyday lives.

What We Do

Lessons for all levels are based on age appropriate themes and concepts. Theme related activities include prayer, stories, videos, creative projects, bible stories and music. All are offered to help build basic skills, foster self-esteem, and encourage a sense of joy and wonder.

We Use Age Appropriate Materials

Kindergarten classes use “God Loves Us” from Loyola University Press. It aims to acquaint children with scripture and relate faith to our every day lives.

Preschool four year olds use “God Made the World” from Loyola University Press. It calls children to know and love God by focusing on the world God created.

The Preschool 3 ½ year olds use a program called “Something Special” from Sadlier. It celebrates God’s gift of life, taking advantage of a child’s natural curiosity and sense of discovery.

When We Meet?

Preschool four year olds and kindergarten levels attend class on Sunday mornings during the 10:00 Mass, from October through the first Sunday of May. Preschool 3 ½ year olds attend on the same Sundays, beginning in January.

Our Goal

We strive to build on the foundation of faith begun in the home and create a positive tone for religious formation in the years ahead.