How does one nurture a lifestyle of authentic Christian Stewardship?  Historically, it consists of three components: Time, Talent, and Treasure. At this time, we are approaching our parish family in the context of Time & Talent. It is something that has been going on in parish communities since their beginning, but is for us, something which we need to reflect upon in terms of our commitment to our faith. Our parish has been filled with much activity, but for us to continue to do so in the number of areas of involvement, we need YOU to come forward and make a gift of self so that we can have the capability to “make the things happen that we need and want to make happen.”  On May 7 & 8, we offered our updated Time & Talent Commitment descriptions and on May 14 & 15, the sign-up form will be filled out during Mass.

 Please sign up and help your St. Andrew Parish family!