HOPE Warming Center

YES, after twelve years, the HOPE Hospitality Center located on 249 Baldwin Ave., in Pontiac, is not closing after the winter months.  But instead, it is providing a safe & dry overnight home for the homeless year-round.  Besides receiving a delicious dinner from volunteers, showers, and attending to personal needs—the homeless are visited by volunteer nurses, Common Ground aids, and representatives from other agencies who try to access their problems and situations.

It is heart-warming to remember that this program began actually 14 years ago by several concerned folks from various churches and agencies who were disturbed by the lack of help provided for the homeless, who fell between the cracks in the Pontiac area.  This “Homeless Committee” wanted to assist the homeless community year-round … and so now we begin!

St. Andrew Parish has been asked to volunteer: Aug. 22-25, 2014Like in January, we need adult volunteers for two shifts.  First shift is 7-10:30 PM  and  Second shift is 10:45 PM- 7 AM.  The first shift of nine volunteers arrives to prepare & serve dinner (supplied by St. Andrew Parish), check-in and handout supplies to guests. The second shift of two volunteers arrive before lights out and works with a staff person, who supervises sleep and assists with morning wake-up calls. This opportunity will take the place of the S.O.S. Labor Day week event.

Please call: Joe Soncrant  248-651-9562 to volunteer.