Saturday, October 13
12:00 pm Mass with the Sacrament of
              Anointing of the Sick

The Rite of Anointing tells us there is no need to wait until a person
is at the point of death to receive the Sacrament.
A careful judgment about the serious nature of the illness is sufficient.
The Sacrament may be repeated if the sick person recovers after the
anointing but becomes ill once again, or if, during the same illness,
the person’s condition becomes more serious. A person should be
anointed before surgery when a dangerous illness is the reason for the
intervention (cf. Rite of Anointing, Introduction, nos. 8-10).

Moreover, “old people may be anointed if they are in weak condition even
though no dangerous illness is present. Sick children may be anointed if they
have sufficient use of reason to be comforted by this sacrament. . . .
[The faithful] should be encouraged to ask for the anointing, and, as soon as
the time for the anointing comes, to receive it with faith and devotion,
not misusing the sacrament by putting it off” (Rite of Anointing, nos. 11, 12, 13).

Source: United Conference of Catholic Bishops